Your First Session

At the beginning of your first session I will take a confidential consultation. This is done to help me gain a better understanding of you, your lifestyle, any physical ailments, tension or areas of discomfort you may be experiencing.

I massage intuitively and tailor the massage to your needs, using a combination of techniques. To read more about each massage technique, follow the link. Your massage experience could include:

Therapeutic Massage | Deep Tissue Massage | Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage | Trigger Point Work | Hands Free Massage | Body Stretching | Rhythm Mobility | Passive Joint Mobilisation | Energy Work | 4 Handed Massage
  • Hands Free Massage

My approach to massage allows my artistic and creative side to play a role in how I deliver my sessions. The holistic experience is not just about having a massage; it’s about what goes into the whole package. The safe space, environment, atmosphere and therapeutic relationship between client and therapist is, in my opinion what makes your experience important and memorable and leaves you wanting more.