Before you leave your home, please check your temperature, and consider if you are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms: –

Dry persistent cough
Temperature over 37.8° Centigrade
Lack of taste or smell
If so, please postpone or cancel your appointment. The cancellation policy is not applicable at this time, but it will mean you won’t be able to reschedule your appointment for 2 weeks.

When you arrive, I will take your temperature at the door and offer you a mask (I need you to enter the premises with a clean mask therefore if you come wearing one it will be considered contaminated and I will ask you to dispose of it).

Please wear easy to remove clothes. You will be given a container in which to put them when you undress. Please avoid wearing jewellery as this makes the process simpler.

When you arrive, you will be required to take off your shoes, wash your hands (drying them with paper towels) – and walk into the practice room without touching anything. There will be a lidded box for you to place your belongings in – (the box will be sanitized between each client use)

The massage table and all surfaces will have been thoroughly disinfected. I use my own clean towels to keep you warm (I will wash towels at 60 degrees after each use)

The massage table will have been thoroughly disinfected and the linens are all clean.

I will be using PPE – personal protective equipment – until the requirement relaxes.

The massage will then continue as per usual, though would recommend not chatting to avoid any possible droplet formation.

When the massage is over, please leave all the linens, towels on the table. Please do not fold up or help tidy. Put your clothes back on and exit again without touching anything.

You may also wish to use the bathroom and wash your hands again before you put your shoes back on.
If the mask is yours please wear it until after you have exited the clinic. If not, then leave in a bin at the door.  

You are required to wear a mask throughout the treatment, this is now required by the Government and has been my policy since the beginning, please let me know in advance if this is an issue so we can cancel your appointment, if you fail to notify me you will be liable to pay for the treatment in full. – as you lie prone on the massage couch you may pull the mask under you nostril to facilitate breathing.

When the massage is over, please leave all the linens/towels on the table. Put your clothes & shoes back on, finally use hand sanitizer and exit again without touching anything. You may use the bathroom where you will find more hand sanitizer.

Scheduling of follow up appointments is to be made by phone or email with myself.

I am truly grateful for your cooperation and support, which helps me ensure I can hold a safe, nurturing and nourishing space for you.

With Warmest Wishes

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My approach to massage allows my artistic and creative side to play a role in how I deliver my sessions. The holistic experience is not just about having a massage; it’s about what goes into the whole package. The safe space, environment, atmosphere and therapeutic relationship between client and therapist is, in my opinion what makes your experience important and memorable and leaves you wanting more.