Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is specifically tailored to provide relaxation, space and connection between mother and baby. It is beneficial to relieving aches and pains that are specific to pregnancy as the body changes and grows to accommodate your baby. Some ladies bloom and glow in their pregnancies and in this case massage is a lovely way to feel pampered and relaxed.

For others the physiological, emotional and postural changes that occur during pregnancy, can lead to ailments, aches and pains, especially in the back, hips, neck and shoulders. Massage and gentle mobilisations can help to calm anxieties, ease the strain on the body, provide relaxation and a welcome rest.

Massage can improve blood and lymph circulation, and reduce swelling, a problem that can affect many women particularly in the feet and arms. Another amazing benefit that pregnancy massage can bring is that it can induce good quality of sleep as the tension in muscles are relieved.

Postnatal Massage

Welcome to Motherhood! Your little bundle is finally here!

With a new baby to care for and nurture it can be hard to find some precious time to yourself but keeping yourself healthy and happy is even more important now.

Postnatal care for mothers is just as important as prenatal care. Postnatal Massage can not only help you recover from the physicality of childbirth, it can also help you cope with the challenges of caring for your baby. Postnatal massage can assist in you returning and restoring your body with an aim to help improve energy levels, balance hormone levels and mood.

Over the past nine months your body has undergone a long, beautiful and intense journey, growing and carrying your baby. It now has to readjust and accustom itself to life with a newborn. Lifting and bending, feeding in awkward positions and broken sleep can all take its toll on the body, both physically and mentally.

Massage can help to target and release points of tension, aches and pain as well as assisting in realigning your body and posture back to its pre-pregnancy state. Massage aids the body to heal physically, but also provides a little time and space for you.

As a new mother your focus and energy is mainly on your baby. Taking an hour or 90 minutes out to consider and focus in on your needs both physically and mentally (or even just to sleep!) can be restorative and a much needed time out for yourself.

What To Expect In Post Natal and Pregnancy Massage

Before your treatment a detailed consultation of your medical and obstetric history will be taken.

Your safety and comfort throughout a massage is essential, which is why we favour a side lying position with all areas of your body supported with pillows, blankets and warm towels if you desire.

“Jade gives by far the best massage I’ve ever had anywhere. As well as making you feel really welcome, comfortable and relaxed she is a very skilled masseur. She has had a lot of training and experience but also seems to have a real natural instinct for what will work best for you. She massaged me throughout my pregnancy and was always very thoughtful and knowledgeable and left me feeling fantastic afterwards. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Laura, Sheffield