Energising and Calming Techniques

Energising and Calming Techniques used alongside regular massage helps to re-energise your body and mind, ease stress, calm the nervous system, stimulate circulation, soothe aching muscles and eliminate toxins.


A soothing, stroking movement varied in pace, rhythm and pressure. Effleurage is a gentle way to start a massage as it allows the therapist to make initial contact with the client, warming their skin and applying oil. With more pressure it makes contact with superficial muscles.

Effleurage can also be used to link and connect different strokes and movements as the therapist works around the body.


Applying deeper pressure by kneading, wringing, skin rolling and picking up specific areas of muscle.


This can be relaxing or energising depending on the pressure applied and aid in stimulating the skin, muscles and circulation. A combination of styles include; tapping, cupping and pummeling using the different parts of the hand in various ways.


This technique has varied styles including flattening the fingers on the muscles and rapidly moving from side to side, as well as lifting and shaking the muscles. It can be used in a gentle way to help encourage a release but can be applied more vigorously to energise tissues.